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About me

Through managing my own complex health puzzle and challenges with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I have discovered the science and art of self-care using a personalised approach to nutrition and lifestyle. Almost 20 years ago I married my Chiropractor husband and since then we have been involved in the wellness model of health. We are parents to two healthy teenagers and ex-pat South Africans living in the Netherlands. I am a nature lover, writer- researcher, amateur photographer, a health goddess in the kitchen and the creator of Wellness Place International.

I have been helping clients in private practice since 2001. As a Classical homoeopath, Functional Medicine practitioner and Lifestyle educator, I thrive on finding the patterns in complexity and solving your disease puzzles.


Clients I can help

I help clients with Autoimmune illnesses such as Coeliac disease, Hashimoto’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis as well as allergies, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, fibromyalgia and hormone problems to name but a few examples of chronic health issues and lifestyle diseases.


Root causes of illness

When viewed through a wide holistic lens, most chronic lifestyle diseases can be better understood. This is because they do not have one cause but instead multiple root causes. It is in gathering and making sense of all the puzzle pieces of health information and addressing all the underlying triggers, that these types of complex illnesses can be managed or even reversed.


Healing modalities I use

Over the years, I have amassed a wealth of experience in different healing modalities including constitutional and symptomatic homoeopathic prescribing, homotoxicology, vitamin and mineral supplementation, western phytotherapy, chinese herbal medicine, ayurveda, clinical nutrition, conventional blood tests, functional biomarker tests, epigenetic DNA tests, weight loss coaching and specialised diets.

Nicole Dawson Cullinan


Classical Homeopath
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Personalised Lifestyle Educator

Personalised approach


According to the needs of my patients, I draw on the relevant aspects of this background knowledge to design bespoke nutrition and lifestyle protocols. After a thorough case taking and the necessary tests, I offer a personalised and evidence-based approach that typically includes the prescription of an individualised diet, lifestyle modification and quality practitioner grade nutraceutical supplements.

Living and breathing the wellness mindset for more than 20 years, I have the experience that now more than ever, we need holistic health solutions that empower individuals, families and communities.


To this end, I have married the healing modalities of Homeopathy and Functional medicine and created Wellness Place International to provide personalised solutions and support for chronic illness sufferers and health seekers from all around the world.

It is not necessary to follow every fad and health trend and certainly impossible to do everything the experts say to be healthy.  A personalised approach to nutrition & lifestyle allows you to narrow the focus so that you find what works for you, to live chronic disease-free and sustainably healthy. 

Let me be your guide to discovering your wellness place!

Sharing experiences, insights, and resources to assist and inspire you on your journey to wellness.




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