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Adam Cullinan - Chiropractor

Here is a little about me and the way I work with clients

My chiropractic heritage started with my grandfather who in 1938, was one of the first chiropractors in South Africa. He ran a busy practice in Johannesburg before giving it up to become a farmer in a tiny country village called Val. Through word of mouth, patients would come from miles around and somehow find their way to his farmhouse even though he had closed his formal practice.


Many people choose a career in chiropractic after having been helped by a chiropractor. With me it was different. At 22 years of age, after completing a BA degree in Philosophy and Psychology, I was drawn to the profession. I guess it must be in my blood because I actually did not know of my grandfather’s first profession until after I started studying chiropractic.

My qualifications

I completed my Master's degree in Chiropractic through the department of Public Health Durban University of Technology (DUT) in South Africa in 1999.


My Master's research dissertation in 1998 was on The efficacy of acupuncture combined with chiropractic manipulative therapy in the management of migraines

I have been registered as a member of the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) since 1999.

I am registered with Nederlandse Chiropractoren Associatie(NCA) and Stichting Chiropractic Nederland (SCN) since 2016.

You can view my full list of credentials on LinkedIn.

Adam is currently seeing patients in Tilburg and Waalwijk at Chiropractie Mulder. Click on the button below for more details.

Chiropractic is many things to different people, chiropractors included. In short, my philosophy is to help people to get better, stay better, do more and be more. To this effect, I have attended many post-graduate seminars internationally to improve the diversity of my skill set and help more people through pain, disability and inability

To me, chiropractic is about restoring balance. A body out of balance is one that is likely to get injured and sick.
A body in balance has a greater chance of recovery, healing and staying healthy.

I have always loved sports and exercise and over the years have actively participated in canoeing, mountain biking, kettlebells, boxing and running. Most sports can cause injuries relating to the back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees over time. Chiropractic has always been my saving grace helping to keep me healthy and active and allowing me to do what I want injury-free.


I started practising as a chiropractor in 1998. Helping people has been a strong passion and focus of mine. To this end, I built an established practice together with my wife, Nicole. When we left Johannesburg in 2016, we had seen around 10 000 patients in our clinic over the years. 

We closed our practice in Johannesburg when a position arose to work for a large chiropractic concern in The Netherlands. We had decided to take the plunge, uproot and relocate our family in search of new opportunities. More than five years later, learning a new language and adapting to a different culture, I am ready to work in my own practice again.

How I work

I now offer my patients more than 20 years of experience in the field and a gentle, holistic approach. I look at the entire body and not just at the area of pain. I focus on integrating the way the nervous system and musculoskeletal system work together using a diverse variety of techniques including traditional manipulation or ‘cracking’, myofascial release and low force methods. 

Clients I can help

I can help a wide range of patients from wanting pain relief to optimal physical functioning.

I have a diverse set of techniques to offer and can adapt to the needs of ALL AGES.


Here is a list of complaints that I commonly treat in my practice: 

Neck pain and related conditions headaches, migraines, whiplash, concussion

Lower back pain

Limb pain - arm and leg

Sports injuries 

Nervous system irritability 

Restless legs

Postural imbalance 



Growing pains in children

Recurrent Ear infections in children

Colic in babies



Freeing your spine from pain and

helping you to feel 

well again



Efficiently working out muscle pain to put you back into balance


Correcting the spine

without classic

manipulation - cracking

or popping the spine

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