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If you are a health seeker who has been looking for answers to your chronic health problems or a new approach where you play an informed and active role in your healing, this book is for you!

I started thinking about writing a book more than 15 years ago, prompted by family, friends and clients. The content has been percolating for some time and has finally crystalised into a book!


I'm very excited to announce that my book will be finished and published soon. Do you want to be the first to know all about it?


My book is all about ... 

  • How to make empowered choices about your health

  • How to make sense of all the conflicting health information out there

  • The power of being listened to and a gentle kind approach in medicine

  • Choosing the best fitting medicine because we are all unique in our health needs

  • The value of testing and investigating broadly in chronic illness

  • My 20 years experience as a homoeopath and functional medicine practitioner in clinical practice


Nicole is a Personalised Health & Lifestyle Educator using Classical Homoeopathy and Functional Medicine.


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I also have a Children's book in the making and coming soon...

Food is fuel to our bodies. If you have a picky eater in your household, then at some stage you have probably worried that their limited repertoire could give rise to nutritional deficiencies that compromise growth and cause illness.


This is a very real concern made worse by living in a society that thrives on stress and lives on processed, convenience and fast foods.

In the video clip below, I tell a story about 'rainbow fighters' to inspire willingness in picky eaters to try new healthy foods and expand their fruit and vegetable repertoire.

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