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Wellness Care

Holistic and evidence-based
   combining the wisdom of nature with cutting edge science.

Wellness care differs from conventional crisis care in some fundamental ways. It does not replace crisis care which is well suited in acute illness and trauma. But instead offers a different mindset and approach for solving the complicated disease puzzles of chronic issues and lifestyle diseases. Personalised wellness care is suitable for your chronic issues because:


  • Wellness care gives attention to ALL your complaints at once.

  • Time is taken to hear your whole story in a professional, safe and caring environment.

  • The root cause(s) of your complaints will be explained to you and what are the connections between them, for example, your headaches and your digestive complaints. 

  • I can order private tests the results of which reveal objective findings on which to make long-term lifestyle changes without trial and error and with confidence.

  • You will learn what you should eat and which foods you should avoid.

  • You will get clarity on whether you need to take dietary supplements and which brands are recommended.

  • You will discover if your medications are helping you or causing side effects.

  • I will share with you appropriate biohacking tools and techniques to improve your lifestyle.

  • You will leave feeling understood and empowered with your personalised health plan.

Wellness Care vs Crisis Care
Wellness Mindset - Principles

Our bodies have self-healing ability when we provide the right environment, nutrients and self-care strategies.

We are all unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is limited in some chronic issues and when people desire to achieve optimal health. 


Prevention is always better than cure. But true prevention involves going beyond treating symptoms and into discovering the multiple deep roots of chronic illness.

As a fellow health seeker and momtrepreneur, I have faced my own health challenges relating to self-care and maintaining a healthy balance in life. My experience is that with the right wellness mindset, personalised support and practical tools, that the relief from chronic illness and optimal health in mind, body and spirit, is within reach for everyone. 

I have one mission:

Empower you to better health!

Wishing you the wellbeing you deserve!


Sharing experiences, insights, and resources to assist and inspire you on your journey to wellness.