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Latest conversations about Wellness matters

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I was interviewed by Catherine Knibbs of Cybersynapse. Listen to our beautiful conversation as we meandered through various health topics close to my heart.


01:00 - What is a homeopath? Why is there such stigma and why are we the "ahhh" practitioners?

05:00 Burnout. Why this often shows up in functional medicine. 

09:30 Turning the tide to integrative models of medicine- the pandemic within the pandemic, systemic issues

14:30 Biodiversity and the loss of species, connection to nature. From egocentrism to world-centric (and beyond)

17:00 polarisation and integration. Why health needs more than crisis medicine

22:00 Wellness, diversity and are there really hacks or magic pills?

27:00 "Real-ationships", healing and being in relationships

30:00 How home cooking became the content for Wellness International

34:00 The overworked person and burnout as a presenting issue of extreme manifestations. 

37:00 Motherhood and a 'career'; a marathon, and a juggling act

41:00 The high achiever pushing to the n'th degree how this may be the marker for burnout

45:20 The chaordic system

Watch this space for more podcasts to come....
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