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'Preventing Mama Burnout'

Nicole Dawson Cullinan of Wellness Place International
presents a webinar on
'Preventing Mama Burnout'

In this video, Nicole explains to listeners of the Together we bloom Summer edition webinar series how you can prevent mama burnout using wellness care strategies

and the importance of living in alignment with yourself.

By the end of this video, you will
  • Understand Mama burnout and Core needs

  • Know if you are at risk of burning out

  • Be able to implement wellness care strategies to help prevent and recover from burnout

Video Timestamps:

(00:10) Hello and welcome

(00:20) Introduction to Nicole

(01:00) Burnout analogy and core needs

(01:58) How we are conditioned

(03:00) What is burnout?

(04:11) Burnout can manifest as many diseases

(05:00) Stuck in a ditch and going nowhere

(05:10) Who is at risk?

(05:40) What are core needs?

(06:13) Sleeping - Sleep hygiene

(09:20) Eating - breakfast and blood sugar control

(10:05) Ritual of a power smoothie

(11:30) Moving - restorative exercise

(12:50) Purpose - living in alignment with who you are

(14:10) Being 'in flow'

(15:20) Burnout: teacher and lesson

(16:20) Blog post article

(16:49) Thank you

Thank you for listening!

Mothers! Prioritise your core needs to prevent burnout
The Ritual of a Power Smoothie
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'Building Smart Immunity with Food'

Nicole Dawson Cullinan of Wellness Place International
presents a webinar on
'Building Smart Immunity with Food'


In this video, Nicole explains to listeners of Together we bloom I webinar series what is SMART IMMUNITY and how you can reset and reboot your immune system with food.

By the end of this video, you will
  • understand the difference between boosting your immune system and making it more resilient or SMART

  • understand the basics of how your immune system works

  • know how to choose food that is quality fuel for your immune system

Video Timestamps:

(00:00) Welcome

(00:50) Recap of webinar series

(01:50) Introduction to Nicole

(02:44) What is Smart immunity?

(03:55) COVID19 Pandemic

(05:06) Why could boosting your immune system be risky? Let's demystify

(06:50) We already have an intelligent immune system characteristics

(08:20) Immune system 101

(08:55) Your immune system develops from day 1 of life

(09:04) Important exposures: breastmilk, food, microbes

(10:10) Frequent illness in the early years can be normal

(11:20) Your personal defence force

(12:16) Human Microbiome ecosystem of friendly microbes

(13:05) Components in food that help the immune system modulate itself

(13:39) How to choose food to support your immune system, 3 questions

(15:48) Micronutrients feed our immune system

(16:35) Is this food clean?

(18:10) Is this food damaged?

(19:48) Eating a rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetables

(21:00) Eating according to the season

(21:39) Microbiome resources

(22:18) Tell Children stories about food help create good habits

(23:19) Download Smart immunity Handbook and Checklist

(24:00) Thank you!

Thank you for listening!

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