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Below are my ebooks which are available to purchase and download

Wild spring is the first in my Wild seasons series

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Wild Spring is a vivid visual celebration of spring plants and their healing powers as food, medicine, and inspiration.

Connect with nature and the energy of spring through the edible and medicinal so-called weeds that pop up all around you. Learn about the wild superfoods growing on your 'doorstep' and the wisdom in these weeds. You will never look down on weeds in the same way, you may even learn to love them!

Nicole will guide you to discover the alchemy of spring plant foods, especially wild plants by observing and identifying them, collecting them, and finding creative ways of preparing them for safe and delicious consumption. This first book in the Wild Seasons series honours nature’s intelligence, the endless the cycle of seasons and her diverse and healing bounty!

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Coming in 2024...

Wild Seasons series

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