Helping stressed-out working mothers to
using personalised wellness care
To solve fatigue, depression & chronic pains, 
feel empowered,
regain vitality,
so you can enjoy your family and
achieve in your career
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Health seekers!

 Are you ready to prioritise your health?

Is your first waking thought in the morning one of dread and 'how am I going to get through my day'?

Are you so tired at night that you can't read more than a page, that stack of books at your bedside gathering dust?

Do things you used to enjoy feel like a chore and are you wondering where your energetic self and zest for life has gone?

Does your doctor want to medicate you or say that this is normal because you are a busy mom?

Do your medications or supplements make you feel worse and not better or give no relief at all?

Do you want to get to the root of your health problems and find sustainable, effective solutions?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then personalised wellness care may be the solution for you!

There IS another way for you to overcome BURNOUT and OPTIMISE your HEALTH!

Let me tell you my story and explain how personalised wellness care works...

Hi, I'm Nicole...

A personalised lifestyle educator, classical homoeopath and functional medicine practitioner. At different times in my life, I have been a working mom and a stay at home mom. I have personally experienced how motherhood can feel like both a juggling act and marathon. I understand the hopes and desires of stay at home mothers and ambitious career women and how frustrating it can be when your body appears to let you down.

Since my teenage years, I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which repeatedly reared its ugly head every time I got overtaxed. I was able to effectively enough manage it during my studies, complete my Master's degree and start working, but looking back I had been suffering from a high functioning burnout for a long time. I was inspired and motivated by wellness care and became a purpose-driven perfectionist entrepreneur.  I was also too busy prioritising the needs of my family and my clients above my own to see that I also needed help. One day I hit a wall and ran out of the willpower to push through the symptoms of feeling constantly fatigued, depressed and in chronic pain. 


I have always been an independent thinker and have been working in the wellness model of health since 2001. I became a functional medicine early adopter in 2012 to help my clients with complex health issues including burnout. Many sick and suffering people slip through the diagnostic cracks in both conventional and alternative medicine. And like me, are left feeling desperate and despondent.

Functional medicine helped me to identify the root causes of my range of issues and changes I needed to make in order to get better. Functional and epigenetic test results (without which I could not have acted so decisively and accurately) guided me to a  personalised lifestyle plan and focused supplementation protocol.


For example, I discovered how sugar and food allergies were impacting my overall health and made the change over to a plant-based gluten-free dairy-free diet. Plus I also needed to pay attention to my sleep hygiene and prioritise a regular regime of restorative exercise, that is, moving and breathing to help repair my 'burnt out' adrenal function and overactive stress response. The results of my epigenetic profile and challenges also gave me the answers I was looking for: why my conventional blood markers were all normal and yet I felt so sick. My mind was blown and for the first time in many years, I was feeling amazing!

The knowledge of my own unique biochemistry motivated me to make permanent and personalised diet and lifestyle changes and find... 


the vitality to enjoy my family and achieve in my career


I have since then used this same holistic evidence-based approach to create bespoke health plans for many satisfied international clients.

Can I help you?

Book a free 'meet & greet' call with me to discover how personalised wellness care can help you


Helping you to find concrete answers to why you can't get better


Supporting your mood using safe, natural alternatives & lifestyle hacks


Helping you to identify the root causes and experience deep permanent relief


Empowering you to understand your hormones & balance them naturally.


Designing personalised nutrition plans to  support overall health & performance

How you can work with me


"Nicole has cared for our family for the past eighteen years, helping with new babies, scratches, infections and various other life and health challenges. It is comforting to consult with someone of Nicole's calibre, who listens, remembers, is up to date on research and who always offers a balanced and calming perspective"

Erika V

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