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Why I use a wearable health tracker

Smart wearable technology. Credit shutterstock_661047442

What is a wearable health tracker?

The market is flooded with wearable health technology including electronic devices that consumers can wear, like step counters, pulse oximeters, smartwatches and smart jewellery. They are designed to collect personal health and exercise data.

My husband is a techie and gadget man and who introduced me to this world of health trackers. He has for a long time used wearable technology to track fitness, training and heart health parameters.

The OURA ring is my choice because it is unobtrusive and well designed for sleep tracking. With all trackers, you need to know how to read and apply the data they generate for optimal results in lifestyle change and disease prevention. My knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry and expertise in wellness care definitely helps to decode the volumes of data and use it for positive feedback. I know many people who become overwhelmed by the information and end up getting obsessive about it or not using it. I often recommend to my clients to make use of a health tracker and support them on how to use it effectively as a tool to create healthy habits and reach health goals.

More and more insurers and companies are seeing how supplying wearable health technology to their consumers and employees is beneficial to their productivity and can play an important role in disease prevention.

My dad used a portable pulse oximeter to monitor his oxygen saturation while he was at home recuperating from COVID19. You can read all about this experience and how this wearable technology benefitted him and his caregiver, my mother in this blog.

In this short video, I explain how I used my health tracker to gain insight into my sleep. The video is a taster for what you can learn by being part of my community, consulting with me one on one and joining my upcoming Self-care course which includes a module on Sleep & Rest.

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