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Fully loaded Potato Bake

Because of their profound nutritional makeup and impact on health promotion, I am dedicated to cooking with Cruciferous Vegetables and sharing tried and tested recipes that are palatable for even fussy eaters.

Fully loaded Potato bake with radish, broccoli, red onion and toasted sesame seeds. Image credit Nicole Cullinan @wellnessplaceint
Fully loaded potato bake. Image credit: Nicole Cullinan @wellnessplaceint

This potato bake combines tasty spuds with less palatable vegetables in a colourful platter that is a feast for the eyes as well as a nutritional masterpiece. This combination gives fussy eaters what they like while at the same time stretching their repertoires to include new and colourful ingredients. Throw in a tasty sauce or dressing and you will have them hooked and eating their veggies in no time ;)

Fully Loaded Potato Bake (serves 4)


For the Potato bake

8 medium or 6 large Potatoes (or any root vegetables) cut into wedges or quarters

1 TBS Coconut oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

Half a cup of grated dairy or vegan cheese

For Salad topping:

1 small head of broccoli steamed

a handful of radishes sliced

finely chopped red onion

finely chopped tomato

Roasted white and black sesame seeds for decoration (optional)

In fact, any combination of salad vegetables will work. Just keep if colourful!

a couple of dollops good quality mayonnaise or creme fraiche


I scrub potatoes and leave the skins on before chopping into quarters if medium-sized or eighths if large. Especially if they are organic, I think that this is a good way to maximise nutrient intake. Roast the seasoned potatoes with coconut oil in a roasting pan at 180 degrees C for 45 min or until golden on the outside and soft on the inside.

Remove from oven and sprinkle with grated cheese. Let it cool for 5 minutes allowing the cheese to melt before you top with the salad/vegetable ingredients. Scatter the broccoli, onion, tomato and radishes evenly on top of the potatoes and cheese. Add a couple of dollops good quality mayonnaise or creme fraiche if a sauce is desired. Lastly, sprinkle with sesame seeds. I serve it straight from the roasting pan.


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